A List of Money Making Blogs

Here is a list of carefully compiled inspiring blogs that actually make money, and the authors also provide tips to building your referral networks. Check them out, and may they inspire you!

More links will be added in time to come as i come across them!

DoshDosh- A very comprehensive blog guide of methods to make money online ranging from SEO techniques to building links to advertisting networks. Written by Marki, a Political Science and Philosophy student in Toronto, Canada.

JohnChow- The internet mogul who makes $8000/mth from his blog. .Need I say anymore about him?

- Very detailed blog that specialises in talking and raving about good referral networks that really bring in the money.

Earn Money Blogging- Written by fellow Malaysian neighbour Daryl W.T.Lau, very beautiful and great in site aesthestics.

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