Guidance For New Hits4Pay Members !

If you have already signed up for Hits4pay, your account has probably been activated or is still pending approval. To access your member's area, you'll have to go to , click on "My Account" and login. There are 2 housekeeping points you must take note of after you have logged in for the first time though:
1.Submit Your Tax Info

Under U.S. tax laws, all Hits4Pay Members must fill out the 'Affiliate Tax Information' form before they can receive commissions, regardless of the country they reside in. To do so, in your member's area, click on "Submit Tax Info" , and a popup window showing the form will appear. If your are a U.S citizen, you're required to fill up all fields. If you're a non-U.S resident, please fill in the fields: First Name, Last Name, Business Name (if any), Street Address, City,State,Zip or Postal code,Country,and your signature a the bottom.Leave the Exempt from backup withholding checkbox,Taxpayer Identification Number Section, and Certification (For US Residents Only) Section blank. You may then proceed to submit your tax form successfully. Checks are mailed every 15th of the month if earnings hit $25.

2.Access Your Referral Link.
It is not enough to simply rely on reading e-mails daily to earn a substantial income. The real benefit of Hits4pay is when you build up your referral network, and as explained upon registration, you also earn $0.01/email your referrals read, as well as another $0.01/email your referrals referrals read. Hits4pay has already provided you with a customised affiliate referral link in your member's area, that you can use to promote Hits4pay to your friends using different channels such as MSN Messenger, forums, blogs etc. To access your affiliate link, in your member's area, under the 'Referral Link' box, click the link that says:" Click here to get your banners,sales letters and other promotional materials". Scroll down and click the box "Click Here To Get Affiliate Resources". Your affiliate tracking link is then displayed, something that looks like: .
You may now proceed to promote your link to people, as well as on the internet.
(*Note: Do not use to refer people, as you will not be credited with your referred downlines!!You must use your own unique link..)
After taking care of those two things above, you'll well be on your way to earning money from Hits4pay emails and referrals! All the Best!

Posted byjohn leow at 10:34 AM


Marielle said... July 10, 2008 at 7:37 AM

I'm all set up with hits4pay and awaiting e-mails. I want to do this correctly but I've very hesitant about putting my social security number online. What is your opinion? Have you heard of anyone getting idenity theft or fraud?

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