Buying Referrals

Have you been struggling real hard to get referrals?

Why not consider buying those referrals?

Yes.Because sometimes it's just not worth all that waste of time and effort to build up your referral network over many months, and in the end, your return margin is still extremely low.

I stumbled across this site from that offers referrals for sale, and bought 25 referrals for my Hits4pay referral program for $7.95. To my surprise, the 25 referrals were all signed up in Hits4pay in a span of less than 24 hours, and Buyrefs really delivered above it's promise!I think it's really worth the money, plus if my referrals fail to deliver,I can always get my refund back anytime!

So, do check it out. Here is Buyrefs value statement excerpt:

Welcome to

You want guaranteed, quality signups for your favourite program or website? You are at the right place:

10 reasons why you should buy at

* Great prices
* We deliver international signups, premium international signups and usa signups
* We deliver traffic, country targetted traffic and banner impressions
* Guaranteed number of signups and traffic you order
* Signups completed within 30-60 days, irrespective of the order
* Full refund of any signups we were not able to deliver
* Pay with e-gold (5% discount!), moneybookers (2% discount!) and paypal
* A straightforward, easy to use system; pick your product, register and pay
* Affiliate system: earn 10% of every sale for a lifetime period
* Personal statistics for traffic order

So if you're really struggling to get that next 20 referrals, do consider giving this BuyRefs service a shot.I believe it's really a worthy investment for the low cost of $7.95!

Check it out here at

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