3 Diagnostic Questions To ask About Your Referrals..

Just dropping by to share 3 great tips to grow your referral downlines!

I've seen my downline grow from 2 two weeks ago to nearly 60 now! Though the pace of growth may not be that exponential, i've observed and learnt that there are alot of things to learn about your referrals 1st before you see the cash flow in.Here are my 3 questions(hence tips) you must always ask:

1. Who are my referrals?

This may surprise you, but did you know that most Paid to Click (PTC) sites favour U.S referrals? in fact, i just found out from my SMS pal 1dollar the other day that Cashcrate has got this ridiculous offer that for every active U.S referral I refer, i will earn 1 dollar, on top of whatever offers they complete. Also, i notice that US referrals generally get more emails to read, more than Asians and the U.K. Similarly, where do your referrals come from? Could the country mix-up of your referrals be the reason why your earnings margin is so low?

2. How committed are my referrals?

You may have 300 referrals under you and still wonder, 'why are only 20% of them active most of the time?". So you get dismayed by the small earnings daily. But understand, there are 3 categories of referrals that exist : Hot, Dormant, Inactive. Hot referrals are those who consistently engage in your PTC program, and are the biggest revenue generators. For me i've got one referral (ms edna) alone who brings in over half of my earnings from my PTC program Hits4pay weekly! That's what meant by a Hot referral. Dormant are those who decide to do that occasional post or read that occasional email. Inactive,well need i say?

Identifying and knowing your referrals level of committment is extremely important in the long run. You should utilise tracking features such as a daily commission breakdown report (if any) in your referral program, to track their emails read etc. and when necessary, take the appropriate action (etc. emailing them) to find out why they aren't being committed? If you really do take the extra step to make contact with them, you'll realise that 70% of the time, it is not because they don't like the program, but simply because they do not remember the link URL!

3.What value do i add to my referrals?

Are you simply doing referral networking for the sake of money? or are you genuinely interested in making other peoples lives better? There are zillions of referral networkers who have thousands in their downlines, but they do not make any effort to even make communication with them. The most important part of network marketing (and all other forms of it), is to know your referrals needs and concerns, and to provide them with the answers when you can! This is called value-add. Some good ideas of gettting to know your referrals needs include, setting up team blogs, dedicated emails, adding them on msn messenger (trust me!I've added all my downlines emails to my msn, and after chatting with one Argentinian downline yesterday, he expanded my downline by 10 referrals in the day itself when he went to tell his friends about Hits4pay!), and newsletter tips.

Whatever it is,make sure you know your referrals, and that they know you! When you know that someone is credible and real,you have confidence and trust in him or her. Thus, you're referral downline is set to consistently expand!

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Buying Referrals

Have you been struggling real hard to get referrals?

Why not consider buying those referrals?

Yes.Because sometimes it's just not worth all that waste of time and effort to build up your referral network over many months, and in the end, your return margin is still extremely low.

I stumbled across this site from that offers referrals for sale, and bought 25 referrals for my Hits4pay referral program for $7.95. To my surprise, the 25 referrals were all signed up in Hits4pay in a span of less than 24 hours, and Buyrefs really delivered above it's promise!I think it's really worth the money, plus if my referrals fail to deliver,I can always get my refund back anytime!

So, do check it out. Here is Buyrefs value statement excerpt:

Welcome to BuyRefs.com

You want guaranteed, quality signups for your favourite program or website? You are at the right place:

10 reasons why you should buy at BuyRefs.com:

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* A straightforward, easy to use system; pick your product, register and pay
* Affiliate system: earn 10% of every sale for a lifetime period
* Personal statistics for traffic order

So if you're really struggling to get that next 20 referrals, do consider giving this BuyRefs service a shot.I believe it's really a worthy investment for the low cost of $7.95!

Check it out here at Buyrefs.com

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Using myLot to build referrals

MyLot.com is another fantastic discussion site to spend time participating in discussions as well as to make new friends. Think of it as a Friendster cum MySpace discussion portal. Besides taking an active part in the discussions(you rise up the ranks as you post more), you are paid for posting activity too!

I joined last week, and just within a period of 2 days, i made about 5 quality posts and earned $0.35 just for them. Besides, there is a newly added function which allows users to add their blogs too, so the chances of getting traffic exposure is higher.

Worth checking out!

myLot User Profile

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